The Best of New York Fashion Week

With New York Fashion Week drawing to a close, we’re feeling pangs of nostalgia as some of favourite style trends walk off the street. Whilst your feed is probably still overflowing with bookmark-worthy looks, many of which won’t even step onto the actual runaway, allow us to add a couple more to your repertoire. To guide you through the sea of sartorial inspiration, we’ve created a list of favourite new arrivals, musing some of the on-trend looks from fashion week.


This year, vintage-inspired prints and silhouettes continue to reign in the street-wear kingdom. Cat-eye sunglasses, playful blouses and oversized and androgynous coats are among some of our favourite trends. Create this look yourself with Hansen and Gretel’s latest ‘Amore’ collection, the Chely sunglasses from Sunday Somewhere and a boxy coat from Theory. With fembots stepping out onto the runway, we’re reminded of the futuristic stylings of the ‘80s in which the Cold War inspired some of the most revolutionary collections of this decade. The denim suit has come back into fashion (again), and this time it’s back with a vengeance. Pair classic-wash, high-waisted denim from cult-favourite JBrand, with one of their distressed denim jackets in a similar wash and our newest additions to the Frank and Eileen family. This year has once again proved that sneakers and boots are a favourite over stilettos, as podiatrists let off a sigh of relief around the globe. With new arrivals dropping from Alias Mae and Department of Finery, you’ll find the perfect shoe to complete any look.


Ultimately, street style is all about conveying your sense of personal style. So use this guide as a springboard to create unique outfits that look straight off the runway.


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  • Shirley: August 28, 2021


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