How To Wear Pink to Work: Think Pink!

It’s been a rocky start, but we are feeling cautiously optimistic moving into 2022. As people are ready to get back into living their lives, it’s time to ‘think pink!’ 

With autumn right around the corner, we are channelling pink to start the season off right. Throughout history there has been a strong fashion culture surrounding pink, with shades having made appearances both subtle and bold.

Colour expresses how we are feeling, with pink capturing our desire for a fun, feminine, loving and compassionate year ahead.

With everyone getting back into their version of the ‘9-5’, whether that be WFH, going back into the office or gaining some sense of routine, why not bring that same energy into our wardrobes?

Here are our 5 top tips on how to style and wear the perfect pink outfit to work! 

  1. The Pop Of Colour Earrings

Thanks (or not thanks) to Covid, suddenly we are all sitting in our make-shift home offices and taking countless Zoom calls. So, why not surprise your online guests with a little bit of colourful bling? A great earring that catches the eye and sparkles even through the screen is exactly what you need to feel put together and in charge.

Shop the Dos Chicas Locas ‘Belle Pom Pom Huggies’ in store.


  1. The Knit

If you’re worried about stepping into the office in a hot pink power suit but still want a little colour, then we have the answer. Try a cashmere knit in a beautiful soft pink like this Theory Cashmere Tee (image below) and layer it under a staple blazer. Pair it back with some tailored pants and your favourite heels and you have a killer (but subtle) look.


  1. The Statement Pant

For a classic outfit with a twist why not go for a statement pink suit pant, like these to-die-for Theory trousers (image below). Tied back with a crisp cotton shirt and a heeled boot, you’ll be stepping into a new season with flare and an aura of positivity.


  1. The Printed Shirt

A silk shirt, without a doubt, is a must-have in every working girl’s wardrobe. But that doesn’t mean we can’t keep it interesting. Add a great printed silk shirt into the rotation to wear with a leather midi skirt or wide leg pants. Shop the perfect silk shirt by PW here (image below).


  1. The Bold Sunglasses

What do you do if you don’t want to invest in a colour because you’re still unsure or just don’t want to commit? The answer: Accessories.

Picture yourself stepping out of the office/house for your well-deserved coffee break and you pull out a FABULOUS pair of pink sunnies. You are confidence personified. 

Shop the Lucky Dice sunglasses here (image below).


Although it’s been a challenging few years, the only way forward is by putting out into the universe what you want in return. Lift those around you, embrace positivity and show a little extra compassion wherever you can. Dress in a way that makes you and everyone around you feel good.

We think everyone could use a little pink in their lives. Don’t you?

With love,

The ACO Girls xx 


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