A.L.C Striking Debuts

We are excited to announce that the latest A.L.C. collection has arrived in store and online. No matter the occasion or season, there are always plenty of opportunities to wear a dress. This A.L.C collection is filled with statement pieces for maximum impact and minimal effort, guaranteed to turn heads as you step into the room.   
A.L.C. is a New York based brand driven by the creative energy that is Andrea Lieberman. Andrea consistently collaborates with  fine artists and stylists, the likes of Lana Gomez and Sissy Chacon to name a few. This meeting of creative minds never fails to offer a unique and exclusive element to each collection. The latest season of A.L.C. focus's on the effortless embodiment of femininity and personal expression.
Each distinctive silhouette is grounded in carefully selected luxe material, ensuring a transcendence of seasonal fashion trends to become a staple dress in your wardrobe.
I'm constantly inspired by the process of creative exploration and am honoured to be partnering with these female artists who offer their own unique perspective.”
- Andrea Lieberman
Embody understated opulence in the pleated Tori skirt in silver.
Sculpted with precision, the Elizabeth column midi dress and Elsie mini dress features an angled bodice and crisp corsetry to accentuate and elongate your silhouette. 
An attention-stealing evening gown with cut-outs and refined tailoring. The Issa gown is exclusively available in a stunning shade of red. 


"Do what you love, find a way to make it work, embrace your own unique characteristics, and don’t worry about what others think. Make your unique mark on the world and don’t try to recreate the wheel. Life can fly by in an instant so make each day count"

- Lana Gomez 

Painting by Lana Gomez 
Shop the latest collection online and in store. 
The ACO Girls xx 


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