A Guide to Gift Giving

Summer holidays are approaching, and along with them the giving season. This time of year is filled with abundant opportunities to come together and celebrate. And provides us with ample opportunities to show appreciation for the ones who love and support us throughout our day to day lives. This joyful time of year is all about creating unconditional abundance of love, happiness and content for others through gestures of generosity and kindness. The key to giving is taking a moment to consider what gift would be meaningful for that key person in your life.

Our new AYU products are perfect for your friends who love setting aside time in their day for self-care. And even for your dear ones who after a long year of working, deserve some more time to put aside for themselves. Our AYU room sprays and body oils a perfect way to show appreciation for those you care for in your life. 


Our new Good & Co. products are perfect for your fashion oriented friends. These beautiful scarves, make a perfect addition to street wear or a long lunch as you bask in the summer sun. Making for a perfect and thoughtful gift to complement any wardrobe.

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